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Facts About Rings

Engagement Rings with Birth Stones

Engagement rings are a sign of everlasting love and commitment through marriage, and they are also a way for the man to show his partner how well he knows her, and give her a gift of beauty to last a lifetime. To add a unique touch to engagement rings and make them really personal for brides-to-be, a gemstone that represents her birth month can be used as the setting either by itself or surrounded by diamonds. This guide will help you choose the right birthstone for engagement rings.

Platinum Engagement Rings – January Birthstone

Gorgeous garnet is the birthstone of January brides. This stunning semi-transparent dark red gemstone is said to symbolise eternal friendship, so it is also ideal used on engagement rings for couples who were friends for a long time before getting involved romantically.

Platinum Engagement Rings – February Birthstone

Amethyst is the February birthstone, with its beautiful purple and violet shades making a stunning centrepiece within diamonds. Also brilliant set against platinum engagement rings, amethyst is a symbol of faithfulness and sincerity.

Platinum Engagement Rings – March Birthstone

The bride who is lucky enough to wear the March gemstone on her finger will be carrying around a symbol of intelligence and courage. The March birthstone that holds these qualities is aquamarine, a transparent blue, blue-green or green gemstone. Ocean loving brides-to-be will also love engagement rings set with this stone, as its colours look like the sea.

Platinum Engagement Rings – April Birthstone

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend, they are also the birthstone of women born in April. The traditional stone for engagement rings, diamonds are said to represent innocence and matrimonial happiness.

Platinum Engagement Rings – May Birthstone

Beautiful green emeralds should be set into engagement rings for women born in May. A symbol of domestic harmony and success in love, emeralds also look dazzling surrounded by diamonds.

Platinum Engagement Rings – June Birthstone

Pearls are the June birthstone, reflecting health and longevity. They also add an unusual twist to engagement rings and can be used set with other gemstones and diamonds to create a stunning effect.

Platinum Engagement Rings – July Birthstone

Rubies are the stone of choice for July brides. With their luxurious deep red colour, they add a sophisticated effect to engagement rings, and again perfectly complement diamonds.

Platinum Engagement Rings – August Birthstone

A more unusual stone to be placed on engagement rings is the sardonyx, a white and brown variety of onyx. It may not be as glamorous as diamonds or rubies, but the stone is said to symbolise the deepest and most trusting love.

Platinum Engagement Rings – September Birthstone

The stone of good health and fortune, sapphires are also the September birthstone. Engagement rings set with sapphires and diamonds will bring a smile to any woman’s face, especially as the stones are also said to symbolise truth and faithfulness.

Platinum Engagement Rings – October Birthstone

If a couple has been through a challenging time together, then opal, the October birthstone, is a suitable choice for engagement rings. With its iridescent mixture of colours, the opal is a symbol of hope.

Platinum Engagement Rings – November Birthstone

For a symbol of fidelity, men should choose yellow topaz as the stone on their engagement rings – also the birthstone for November-born brides.

Platinum Engagement Rings – December Birthstone

The stone for December is stunning turquoise, which looks divine set into platinum engagement rings. As a prosperity stone, it is also a good gem to choose to bless your married life with wealth.