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Facts About Rings

The Symbolism of the Trilogy Ring

In recent times, the traditional idea of simply giving an engagement ring on proposal, followed by wedding rings at the marriage, has changed.

It’s good news for the girls because now, wedding rings are part of a series of gifts given at different stages of a relationship, including pre-engagement rings at the start of a serious relationship, engagement rings after the bended knee and the “Will you marry me?” part, the wedding rings on your big day, an eternity ring to symbolize your lasting marriage or birth of your first child. Now there are trilogy rings, set with three beautiful diamonds to represent the past, present and future of your ongoing commitment.

The most popular platinum trilogy rings are traditionally set with three round brilliant-cut diamonds, and can precede or follow wedding rings as symbols of the love and lasting commitment between you and your partner.

Trilogy rings are often given to mark the celebration of engagements or anniversaries, and can also be given on proposal – you can buy them as part of a matched set, complete with wedding rings.

Trilogy rings signify love for your partner in the past, present and future, and what better precious stone is there to symbolise the durability of that promise than diamonds? The diamonds in platinum trilogy rings are usually all of the same size and quality, unlike diamond engagement and wedding rings that may feature stones of different sizes and carats.

The diamonds chosen for trilogy rings are normally round or princess cut, and they are arranged to give emphasis to the central stone, which is more elevated than the other stones, to signify the present.

You can have the words “Past, present and future” engraved inside the ring to accentuate the symbolism of the stones, just as you can choose to have engraving inside your wedding rings to make them extra special.

When you give a trilogy ring, you are emphasising the promise you have made or are about to make to your loved one with your wedding rings - that your future has been, is, and always will be with them.