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Facts About Rings

Platinum: A Girl’s Best Friend

If Marilyn Monroe were alive today, she wouldn’t be singing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Instead the blonde bombshell would be extolling the virtues of platinum wedding rings, the must-have item for every young bride’s hand. The trend for platinum wedding rings has grown rapidly in the last few years, thanks in no small part to its modern appearance, durability and the beautiful way it off-sets Marilyn’s favourite – diamonds. Here’s a guide to why every girl should ask her guy to put a platinum wedding ring on her finger when she says ‘I do’.

Platinum Wedding Rings Last a Lifetime

Anyone who knows anything about jewellery will tell you that platinum wedding rings last a lifetime. Many people opt for a cheaper imitation in the form of white gold, but what they don’t realise is that these need re-plating every few years to retain their silver colour. It would be far better to use platinum wedding rings as a symbol of your eternal love for one another. Platinum is also great at taking knocks and scrapes, so if you’re an active person then this would definitely be the best option to go for.

Platinum Wedding Rings go with Anything

Thanks to its stylish silver colour, platinum is much more flexible in terms if matching outfits for different occasions, and combining well with a variety of colours. Whereas gold is more likely to stand out and clash, platinum will beautifully offset whatever you’re wearing, without looking flashy or tacky.

Platinum Wedding Rings Love Diamonds

If ever there was a jewellery match made in heaven, it’s platinum wedding rings embedded with diamonds. The silver of the platinum look stunning adorned with a sparkling rock, and no matter whether you go for one huge jewel or a line of smaller stones, the effect will be just as dazzling. And because platinum wedding rings are so hard-wearing, they provide a secure setting for the diamonds without getting damaged by the hard gems.

Platinum Wedding Rings are Loved by Celebrities

If you like to keep up to date with celebrity trends, then platinum wedding rings are definitely the choice for you. All kinds of stars, from Hollywood A-listers like Charlie Sheen to tabloid favourites Wayne and Coleen Rooney, have been exchanging platinum wedding rings at the altar. And Mariah Carey has been creating speculation in the gossip columns with a £2.5million platinum and pink diamond ring given to her by her fiancé (or husband – no one knows). So if you want to sparkle like a star, refuse to accept anything less than platinum wedding rings.