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Facts About Rings

Platinum Rings: The King of Bling

A recent charity auction saw stars donate platinum rings, diamond encrusted bangles and a vast variety of bling to raise $3m for their chosen causes. It seems when it comes to our bling, we like to spend – and there's no jewellery as important in your life as your wedding ring. Buying platinum wedding rings is a real investment; after all, you'll be wearing your platinum wedding rings for a lifetime. Whereas the bling auctioned off for charity may cost an arm and a leg, but is still essentially costume jewellery for the rich and famous.

Platinum Wedding Rings – A Worthy Investment

Hip hop legends and rap stars are famous for their love of bling. Consider Ghostface Killah whose record company gave him the marketing budget for his album on his insistence - he spent the money on a 14-carat gold eagle to wear as a charm on his bracelet. But when it comes to platinum wedding rings, it's more about understated style. Jewellery, as the rappers love of bling shows, can work as a status symbol. Buying extravagant diamond rings is a part of their 'self coronation'. But couples who want to match their King of Bling status would do better focusing on simple, understated platinum wedding rings. Unlike the fashion jewellery of the stars, where trends come and go, platinum wedding rings are designed to last an eternity. Platinum wedding rings aren't about showing off status and wealth, but about deeper sentiments such as love, commitment and responsibility.

Platinum Wedding Rings – An Understated Style

And in today's economic climate, more couples are feeling the effects of the credit crunch. But when it comes to buying platinum wedding rings, nobody wants to cut corners. After all, your wedding day is just one day in your life, your platinum wedding rings will be worn every day of your married life. If you want to save on your wedding, you need to know what corners you can cut and which ones you can't.

There are countless case studies of couples who spent a fortune on their dream weddings only to spend years paying off the resulting debt. Don't get too wrapped up in the wedding dream – it can quickly turn into a financial nightmare. Yes, invest wisely on quality platinum wedding rings, but keep the lavish splurges on the day in check.

Keep your guest list trim for an intimate wedding day, or if you must have a big crowd, consider a separate cocktail party which involves drinks not expensive sit-down dinners. Use your imagination on your setting – you can choose a beautiful location such as a park full of beautiful flowers, without having to spend thousands on flower arrangements. If you have friends who are professional photographers, sweet talk them into taking your pictures. But the one area you don't want to cut costs on is the platinum wedding rings.