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Platinum Wedding Ring: The Eternal Choice of Platinum

Wedding rings come in a bewildering array of styles and finishes, and your perfect choice must be something with beauty, timeless appeal and stunning design that symbolises your lifetime love and commitment to your partner. So what better material is there to choose for your wedding rings than platinum – the most precious and durable metal on Earth?   Platinum is often called the “King of Metals” because of its purity, rarity and strength, which makes it the perfect material for wedding rings. Platinum has now overtaken gold as the most popular choice for couples when choosing their wedding rings because it retains its beauty for numerous years and symbolizes the durability of marriage. Platinum is the most desirable metal for many people because of its weight and density – it’s much tougher than gold, and will not scratch and lose value. Platinum wedding rings demand an enormous amount of skill and time for jewellers to produce the beautiful final product, and this quality of craftsmanship and time required to stunning platinum wedding rings is also part of their intrinsic quality.  

When selecting platinum wedding rings, it is very important to know the purity content of your ring, because platinum wedding rings are alloyed with other metals to achieve the right hardness for jewellery. Most jewellery-grade platinum is 95 per cent pure, and jewellers recommend that you shouldn’t choose less than 90 per cent pure platinum because the alloys may change the colour or make the ring less durable. Look for the British hallmark as your statement of purity - the higher the platinum content, the more valuable the ring.  

Choosing platinum wedding rings also comes down to a couple’s personal aesthetic choice and personal style, and some couples may still prefer the lustre of gold or white gold wedding rings. If you are looking for diamond wedding rings, platinum perfectly complements the sparkle of these precious stones, and titanium and platinum wedding bands are the ideal combination of rugged style and tough design for the groom.  

With its durable, pure nature, platinum symbolises the endurance of love and true commitment, and makes the perfect choice for wedding rings, and a marriage, to last a lifetime.