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Facts About Rings

Wedding Rings: What They Mean to You

Choosing wedding rings often comes lower down the wedding planner list than picking the dress and deciding on the flowers, but out of all of your wedding preparations, the wedding rings are the things that last the longest. That's why so many people are looking for wedding rings that really symbolise something about their relationship.

Plain Platinum wedding rings

Of course, for some people, wedding rings are just a simple statement of marriage. No other adornment is needed for the couple to know that they have committed to one another for life. Plain, simple wedding bands confirm a straightforward promise.

Patterned Platinum wedding rings

There's no shortage of design variety when it comes to wedding rings. Where once the choice was between a relatively simple set of wedding bands, today's couples can be browsing for weeks before they see something they like. Couples can choose patterned wedding rings simply because they like the pattern, or because they want it to mean something more - some Celtic-style patterns represent the never-ending nature of the relationship or the intertwining of two hearts.

Stone-set Platinum wedding rings

Platinum wedding rings that have stone settings are becoming increasingly popular. Couples look for wedding rings that match the engagement ring, or that act as pieces of jewellery in their own right, rather than just a functional wedding band. Diamonds are the most popular stones to match with gold or platinum for wedding rings, but other stones are also used - birth stones, for example are a great way to personalise your wedding rings.

Two-colour Platinum wedding rings

The use of two colours in wedding rings can often be interpreted as the coming together of two people to make one. The patterns used in these rings can be symbolic; one band of colour inside another, for example, or two bands that intertwine or interlock. Two-colour wedding rings can be of a simple style but still have a meaning for the couple that chooses them. If you've still to buy your wedding rings, start looking early.

There are a lot of designs to choose from and if you want to make sure you choose something that holds a personal meaning for you, you'll need to take your time and look at everything that's available before you buy.