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How To Propose To Him This Leap Year

How To Propose To Him This Leap Year

In our last blog post, we talked about why you should (or shouldn’t) propose to your man this leap year. So once you’ve made your mind up, the next step is thinking about how to pop the question. Since women proposing is seen as non-traditional, it calls for a unique style of Since women proposing is seen as non-traditional, it calls for a unique style of a proposal, specially tailored to him. Here are some ideas and inspiration to get your plans into action.

Great for gamers

If your partner is glued to the big (or small depending on preferences) screen, this idea is simple and perfect. Revolving around the concept of ‘Player 1’ and ‘Player 2’, this proposal is something personal that would never be forgotten. You can see below that this couple used Mario as a foundation for the proposal, but this could easily work with your favourite multiplayer game.

Video Game Proposal

If his best friend is a furry animal

Using pets to propose is a fun idea that is extra special, especially if your man and his pet have a bond that nobody, not even you, could break. Present your man’s engagement ring on his dog’s nose or his cat’s collar… just make sure it doesn’t get eaten!

dog proposal

The perfect cup of coffee

If your man couldn’t live without coffee, make him the perfect cup on February 29th with this extra-special mug.

Coffee cup proposal

Perfect for sports fans

An easy, but effective way of proposing. Whatever sport your man plays (as long as it includes a ball), you can use the ball as a ring holder. This works best with the smaller kind like baseballs, tennis balls, cricket balls etc. Just slice through the centre and you’ve got yourself a unique and personal proposal!

Baseball Proposal

For the child at heart

If your other half is still as obsessed with his childhood toys as he was when he was seven, this Pokemon proposal idea will make it impossible to say no.


If you have any proposal ideas for a ‘switch proposal’, let us know. Or if you use any of these ideas, send us some of your photos on Facebook or Twitter… we’d love to see!