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Festive Fiancés: Proposing at Christmas

Festive Fiancés: Proposing at Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year, and everyone looks forward to the festive season. You could make this Christmas even better, one to really remember, by popping the big question to your girlfriend. But how will you do it; that is the real big question. Our platinum engagement rings are stunning, so you’ll want to present them in a fabulous way. Here is a little inspiration:

Say it With Lights

One great thing about Christmas is the festive decorations. People put up Christmas trees, hang tinsel and some even go mad with the fairy lights. This can be a great red herring in your proposal story. Pretend you are decorating the house, but when the lights get turned on, they will spell out “will you marry me?” It will be so unexpected.

Get Dressed Up

Whether you find an oversized box and hide inside it, or wrap yourself in ribbon and a giant bow, you can be her gift this Christmas (and of course the ring!). After all, by proposing you are giving yourself to her for a lifetime. It’s a pretty big commitment.

Surprose wedding ring ina  bauble

(image: Everything Organised)

A Magic Bauble

Want the perfect, sneaky hiding place where you can hide the ring right under her nose? Then why not pick up one of these clever bauble ring boxes. She’ll never find it. Simply sneak the ring inside and add the ornament to the tree. It can lie there in wait then for the perfect moment on Christmas Day. Perhaps when all the presents have been opened you could mention there is one more!

Pudding Delight

If you and your partner are big foodies there is undoubtedly nowhere better to hide the ring than in the Christmas meal somewhere. Of course, with this comes the fear of a choking hazard, so don’t hide it too well. Perhaps offer to serve up dessert, escape to the kitchen and place the ring in the centre of a miniature Christmas pudding. A platinum engagement ring is sure to be more amusing than a flaming dessert!

Christmas Board Gamed

Most families get together over Christmas and play some kind of retro cards or board game. If your family is one of these, this could be the perfect time to propose, especially if you choose a trivia game like Trivial Pursuits. When it’s her turn to answer a question pick up a card, but instead of reading what it says, ask her a more important question “will you marry me?”

A Festive Escape

If you want to propose in privacy, away from prying family eyes, you could whisk her off to somewhere snowy and magical. There is something so romantic about sitting under the Northern Lights or gliding through the snow on a dog-drawn sleigh. However you do it, we’re sure it will be special. But if you need any advice on rings, the proposal or wedding ideas, you know where we are. Why not check out a few of our other blogs.