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Your Guide to Proposing at New Year

Your Guide to Proposing at New Year

Take a look at our guide to proposing at New Year before you get down on bended knee to present your significant other with that gorgeous platinum engagement ring:

Surrounded by Friends and Family

Having a party and being surrounded by your nearest and dearest is always a good choice for ringing in the New Year, but this can also create an ideal atmosphere to propose. Picture the scene: everyone is reminiscing over the past year together, sharing happy memories, and planning for the future over a few glasses of wine and some delicious finger food – the air is filled with laughter and love. What better time than to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage? Everyone will already be in high spirits and this will take the night to another level. Why not set off some fireworks to celebrate the New Year and your happy proposal?

Romantic Dinner at Home

If you and your other half prefer a quiet night in front of the TV for New Year’s Eve, then why not cook them a romantic dinner? You might have a tradition of ordering a takeaway for NYE, but make it extra special this year by preparing a three course dinner. Don’t choose anything too complicated or you’ll be adding stress – just keep it simple and tasty, and choose something that is within your capabilities of cooking!When the main course is complete and you’ve cleared away the plates, sit back down with your partner and take their hand across the candle-lit table and look deep into their eyes; you’ve now set the perfect scene to ask them the all-important question. You could even present them with their dessert topped with the engagement ring or accompanied by a little note asking them to marry you.

As the Clock Strikes Twelve

If you’re able to hold off for a few hours, then pop the question exactly as the clock strikes twelve; the build up to the clock chiming on New Year is always incredibly magical, and this is the perfect time to propose. Drop to one knee as twelve o’clock arrives and then crack open the bubbly when she says yes.


We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for your New Year’s proposal; whatever you choose to do, we’re sure it will go down a treat. Best of luck!