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Valentines Day

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Proposals - Part 2

Platinum wedding rings - we continue with our top 10 customer proposals from Valentine’s Day 2012. Top 10 Countdown continues:

Number 5 – sometimes going to a restaurant can prove quite a stressful affair and it ends up putting an edge on the evening and can take the enjoyment out of this special moment. One of our customers booked the restaurant out and had their favourite meal prepared so that the occasion could be intimate and just between them and certainly a night they would never forget.

Number 4 – This London based customer wanted to propose at home, so he filled the entire house with tea lights, which he reported took him 4 hours to individually light. He filled the house with petals, ran him and his girlfriend a bubble bath and then sent one of our platinum engagement rings over in a toy ship! Bring your sense of humour into the proposal! This couple are now planning their wedding for Valentine’s Day 2013 - the anniversary of their engagement and have already selected their platinum wedding rings.

Number 3 – One man in Surrey decided to go to a restaurant for the big moment, he chose the place they went on their first date and asked for a special menu to be devised containing special memories – their first valentines card, a poem he had written of why he loved his partner and on the final page – ‘will you marry me’. He even placed photos and some pictures of platinum wedding rings he had picked out for their big day, to show just how serious he was.

Number 2 – Another customer threw a Valentine’s Day party and invited all of his and his girlfriend’s family and friends without her knowing. He told her he was cooking a romantic meal and turned all the lights off so it looked like no one was in when she arrived. When she turned up, the lights went on; he fell to one knee and asked her to marry him in front of all their loved ones.

Finally number 1 – this man took the day off with his wife to be and filled it with doing things she liked and decided to do it without a single moan or groan. As the evening came to a close, he took his partner to the place they met and asked her how she would feel about being his wife forever! They then chose to also wear one of our platinum wedding rings forever.

At the Platinum Ring Company we are true romantics and we love to hear stories of how our customers proposed, not just on valentines day but any day of the year – we understand that popping the question to your other half and planning your special day, are some of the most important things you will ever do in your life. Visit our site today and have a look at our stunning collection of platinum wedding rings.