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Valentines Day

Wedding Rings For Valentines Day

Our platinum wedding rings are perfect for a Valentines Day wedding. The day of love is a very popular day to get married, maybe because it’s such a romantic time of the year. In a recent article we shared stories of some of our customer’s romantic Valentines Day proposals. 

For any of you that got engaged on Valentines Day or are planning a Valentine's wedding for 2013 - here are some tips for a truly magical wedding. For the old romantics out there, our matching platinum wedding rings are a nice touch. Particularly if you have similar tastes, likes and dislikes, many couples do but often opposites attract so you may want to go for individual styles.

If you are getting married on Valentine's Day, you will no doubt want your wedding to have a very romantic flavour to capture the true sentiment of the day. Here are some ideas to help theme your wedding up so it has that extra special Valentine’s Day feel.

What to wear, well other than the obvious it’s always nice to stick to quite a romantic feel on the day of love. The Grace Kelly look is very fitting, as are classic styles but being comfortable is the main thing.  In terms of platinum wedding rings, the platinum ring company has a large selection of stunning rings that would suit the feel of the day. In terms of accessorising the wedding, common colours include red and pink accents to follow the Valentine theme. Red and pink flowers, candles and napkins are perfect, along with ties and handkerchiefs for the male bridal part.

You will need to book your venue as early as possible if you are getting married on Valentines Day. Many venues are booked up a few years in advance. A unique location would be very fitting, perhaps something along the lines of a secret botanical garden, brimmed full of fresh flowers that could be filled with candles to give it that extra special Valentine's touch for when you are exchanging your platinum wedding rings.

A string quartet or brass band would also add an extra elegance to the day. If you opt for the more traditional DJ it’s always a good idea to compile a list of all the songs that are important to you to bring real emotion and sentiment to the day.

Whatever your choices, your day is guaranteed to be extra special if it’s planned for February 14th!