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A Man, a Dog, a Stick and a Ring

A Man, a Dog, a Stick and a Ring
We were recently contacted by a customer with a very sad tale about his recently purchased platinum wedding ring. The customer was walking his dog at the seaside on a beautifully sunny day and came across a stick on the shore line. He looked at his dog who was now wagging his tail in excitement knowing a game was about to ensue. The customer picked up the stick and threw it into the sea. It was to his horror as he watched the stick flying through the air he also saw his platinum wedding ring flying in formation with the stick! They both hit the sea in unison, SPLASH! The stick floated and was retrieved by his very happy dog enjoying the great game. Where as the platinum wedding ring unfortunately sunk to the depths of the ocean and was never seen again. Unsure of your finger size? Order your free platinum ring company ring sizer here.