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Is Platinum Better Than Gold?

Wedding bands come in a huge variety of different designs and can be made from a surprisingly wide range of materials, from titanium and tungsten to more traditional precious metals. Gold and platinum are amongst the favourite choices for wedding bands, so even if you're convinced that you want to splash out on a precious metal ring, you still have to decide whether to opt for platinum wedding rings or gold. In the past, yellow-gold wedding bands were the most popular choice, though in recent years the jewellery industry has seen a rise in sales of white-gold and platinum wedding bands. Both metals are stylish and understated, meaning they will work well with everyday outfits as well as formal wear.

Indeed, it is possible this versatility which has contributed to the vogue for white-gold and platinum wedding bands. Although both white-gold and platinum wedding rings are an elegant choice, there are a number of advantages to picking platinum. It is generally a more expensive choice, but platinum is harder and more durable than gold, meaning that platinum wedding rings are better able to stand up to the surprising amount of wear and tear that rings can suffer in everyday life. Whether you're working on a building site or simply doing the cleaning at home, all of your day-to-day activities can wear down the surface of your wedding ring over time. Platinum rings won't tarnish as rapidly as gold and are less likely to scratch or bend.

Aside from the practical implications, platinum wedding rings are an attractive choice. With such a wide variety of different bands to choose from, there's bound to be something to suit your style. For a dainty, elegant look, a 2mm platinum wedding ring is the perfect choice.

These super-slim wedding bands are ideal for women with smaller hands, but can also look elegant on a man's finger. If you're looking for something with a more masculine edge, then chunkier styles are a great option — men's plain brushed platinum wedding rings have an elegant matte surface, making them ideal for creating a more rugged look.

Whether you choose gold or platinum, your wedding ring should be something you treasure forever, for many different reasons, so it pays to weigh up the options carefully before you made a decision.