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Weddings out of this World: Lost in Space

Couples will go to extreme lengths to tie the knot in unusual and bizarre places. For most, the union itself is special enough ensuring the moment they exchange their wedding rings is one they will never forget. But conventional registry offices and churches don't cut it for some: there are couples who have exchanged wedding rings scuba diving under water, ballooning in the air - and now, one couple plans to get wed in space, let's just hope they don't forget their wedding rings!

Platinum Wedding Rings - Out of this World!

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson is the man who plans to marry the couple in space, and in doing so to break a world record. The wedding cake may need to be tied down and the wedding rings kept on a string to stop gravity doing its thing, but the union is set to take place in 2009. The wedding rings will be exchanged 70 miles above the Earth on a sub-orbital flight.

Exchanging Platinum Wedding Rings mid-air

Sir Branson has officiated a wedding mid-air already; in 2007 he was ordained for the day to marry the marketing director of his Virgin company Dimitrios Papadognonas to Coco Jones. They exchanged wedding rings on board a Virgin flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas. Sir Branson seems to be making a habit of officiating weddings – he also played a key part in Larry Page's wedding (Google's co-founder) on a private island in the Caribbean. It has to be said, the locations Sir Branson chooses to help a couple exchange wedding rings are far from the norm.

Honeymoon to the Stars

The story of the couple who plan to exchange platinum wedding rings in space was reported by the Daily Mail. A spokesman from Virgin Galactic, the space project that plans to send civilians into space told the paper: “We have had two bookings involving marriage, one to get married in space and the other for the couple to have their honeymoon in space...It is possible that Richard could obtain a licence to conduct the marriage.”

Space Tourism to Become Reality

But if you plan to exchange wedding rings in space, you can expect the bill to be astronomical too – it costs £100,000-a-ticket for the maiden flight on Virgin Galactic. Space tourism could soon be a reality thanks to Sir Branson's Virgin Galactic space programme; 200 people have so far signed up for the maiden flight, including Princess Beatrice, actress Victoria Principal and Professor Stephen Hawking. The flight is expected to last two-hours, passengers will experience G forces and gravity, as well as stunning views of planet earth.