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Patterned or Plain Wedding Rings?

A simple gold band has long been the traditional design for wedding rings. But the beauty of platinum is that it lends itself so beautifully to both modern and classical designs, giving you more choice in your wedding ring design. Because of its unique luminescence, patterned platinum wedding rings have a quality that is unequalled, even by gold.

One of the most popular designs for modern wedding rings is, ironically, an ancient pattern known as Celtic Knotwork. The intricate design interweaves in a series of ‘knots’ that represent the union between two halves – the perfect symbolism for a wedding ring.

This unbroken series of knots form a band that is a constant reminder of your commitment to your partner and has proved popular with both men and women. The classic ‘Court’ design is often seen on patterned wedding rings. A border running around both edges of the ring can encompass either a plain band or a more intricate central design. The modern take on the classic Court style is a plain band with an engraved or ‘beaded’ channel, combining both modern and classical design in one ring.

Because of its durability and particular sheen, platinum also lends itself well to ultra-modern designs, taking on an almost ‘urban’ look – particularly popular with men. Some of the top jewellery designers are now working with platinum, producing wedding rings that reflect a more ‘technological’ age and bringing the simple wedding ring into the 21st century.

These styles look almost ‘manufactured’, but are in fact intricate and unique designs created by some of the most respected craftsmen and women in the jewellery business. Platinum is an interesting metal to work with, which is why its popularity in the jewellery trade and amongst the buying public has increased in the last few years.

Those looking for something a little ‘different’ in their wedding rings but who still want the traditional symbolism and meaning behind the band are choosing platinum above gold. Whether you go for a plain band or a patterned design is entirely down to personal choice, but the beauty of platinum is that it gives you the freedom to express your personality whilst still retaining a worth and value that was previously only attributed to gold. For some people, it’s a simple matter of they prefer the colour!