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Making Wedding Rings: A Labour of Love

Platinum wedding rings are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery – but how often do we think about the people who make them? Even the simplest wedding rings can be time-consuming to make, which is why we should appreciate the artistry and skill of the jeweller every time we look at our wedding rings.

Making Wedding Rings

Opportunities exist now for couples to make their own wedding rings, which sounds like a great idea, but may also be pretty exhausting. Depending on the type of metal you choose and the type of band you want to make, it can take a long time to get your wedding rings perfect – which is why so many people choose to buy their wedding rings direct from a retailer. This is especially true if you want your wedding rings to be patterned, made of different types of metal, or set with stones. A jeweller who specialises in making wedding rings needs to:
  • Have experience of making a seemingly unbroken band of gold, silver or platinum is an art in itself. An inexperienced jeweller may not be able to craft wedding rings properly, wasting valuable metals in the process. A fully qualified and trained jeweller can make a variety of both simple and complex wedding rings in a range of metals and finishes.
  • Know the right techniques ö techniques for making wedding rings vary from one jeweller to another. If you are having a pattern on your wedding rings, or stone settings, the jeweller may make a model of the ring and then take a casting from it. A perfect casting will then allow the molten metal to be poured inside, taking on all the aspects of the pattern or setting. Other jewellers may use more traditional or simple techniques, choosing basic tooling and moulds and using their expertise to craft perfect wedding rings.
  • Create a beautiful finish ö making wedding rings is a process that takes the raw metals and creates a beautiful finished product. As well as creating the wedding rings and handling any engraving or stone setting that's required, the jeweller also needs to ensure that the ring is polished and perfectly smooth before it can be sent to a retailer.
So, when you are choosing your wedding rings, don't just think about the setting, the price, the metal and the sizing; think about the craftsmanship and how someone else with love and attention has given you and your partner the perfect symbol of your own love.