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Why a Platinum Wedding Ring Bonds

Why platinum?

Platinum is rare, durable, and lustrous and perfect to off-set diamonds. Whether it’s a simple band or elaborate jewel-encrusted ring you desire, a platinum wedding ring is an eternal investment. Platinum is also perfect if you have sensitive skin - it is hypoallergenic. It’s an attractive metal with a white steely glow and perhaps, more importantly, it is the sturdiest of precious metals. If you want a wedding ring that endures as long as your love, choose platinum.

Where to buy?

Buying a platinum wedding ring online from a reputable jeweller is a great way to cut out the middle man and get your ring at the best possible price available. Platinum is not cheap, and the price reflects the fact it is 30 times rarer than gold.

Choosing a platinum wedding ring

Once you’ve made the decision that you want a platinum wedding ring rather than gold, a myriad of choices and decisions are still to be made. A platinum wedding ring represents the everlasting love between you and your partner and is the most enduring reminder of your marriage vows. You’ll also have to wear it every day and so deciding on which platinum wedding ring to buy is certainly a big decision.

Be wary of fashion

What is fashionable today may not be fashionable in five, ten or fifteen year’s time, so try not to be seduced by trends. It may sound obvious - after all buying a platinum wedding ring is a big investment - but it’s important to look for a timeless quality. Imagine how you would look aged 80 wearing the same ring. It’s inevitable to some extent that the platinum wedding ring will belong to the era you bought it however, so just ensure you love it 100% and all your instincts cry: ‘That’s the one!’

Complement your hand

When it comes to choosing your platinum wedding ring, don’t just go for the design that stands out and you think looks lovely. It’s like going to the hairdressers. It’s all very well saying you want to look like Jennifer Anniston or Julia Roberts, but you should take into account your own looks too.

The stark fact is, even if you copy the famous celebs it won’t necessarily make you look as good as them. Honestly assessing your own strengths and weaknesses is important. If you have larger, wider hands than you could choose a platinum wedding ring that has a larger band and larger stone. A delicate platinum wedding ring might look odd or out of place on a large hand. Likewise, a big stone may look chunky on a petite hand.

A slender finger wearing a platinum wedding ring with a tall setting can look graceful. Ask your friends and family for their opinions on which style suits your hand if you are unsure.