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Wedding Ring Expense: Feel the Crunch

Every day it seems we are bombarded with more bad news about the economy. Redundancies are increasing as companies that have survived decades are going into administration. But that doesn't stop the course of true love. And although couples may have less to spend on their weddings, the credit crunch certainly won't stop them exchanging wedding rings and tying the knot. By shopping for wedding rings online, it's possible to buy wedding rings that aren't compromised in quality or style, but are significantly cheaper than the same wedding rings found on the High Street. Online jewellers don't have the same overheads as retailers on the High Street, allowing them to pass on significant discounts to their customers.

Wedding Rings – Spending on the Decline

In America, a recent report states the estimated spend on an engagement ring will drop by almost 10% in 2009, reflecting the insecurities around the economy. A similar trend is expected in the UK – but will the budgets for wedding rings also be affected? On the whole however, the wedding industry is seen as a resilient one; people will always get married no matter what the state of bonds, stocks and shares. More couples are simply being more canny when it comes to shopping for wedding rings. Buying wedding rings online is increasingly popular as online jewellers offer larger ranges of wedding rings, often at much more affordable prices. More shoppers in the UK are logging online to buy everything from their supermarket shop to their wedding rings – the convenience and potential savings are enough to lure consumers away from the High Street. And it shows – as major retailers such as Woolworths have closed their doors for good.

Buy Platinum Wedding Rings Online

However, research shows that although more couples are finding better deals on their wedding rings, their wedding rings are the one thing they won't compromise on. In fact, in America spending on wedding rings has steadily increased, leaving other parts of the wedding ceremony subject to financial scrutiny. The dress, reception and catering are often the first to be scaled down. Couples know that their wedding rings will be worn day-in, day-out for the rest of their married life – so wedding rings are the last thing they'll scrimp on.