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Miracle Discovery after 34 Years

Wedding rings hold massive sentimental value and this was certainly the case for Neal Hill, whose wife and young son were killed by a tornado in Oklahoma, USA and whose wedding ring went missing after the tornado struck. According to the report on USA Today, Mr Hill was miraculously reunited with his wife’s wedding ring 34 years after it had first disappeared and the discovery of the piece of jewellery was a stroke of fortune in itself.

Wedding Rings – Needle in a Haystack

According to the report on USA Today, the wedding ring was discovered when the new occupier of Mr Hill’s old trailer was tending to her garden and noticed something glistening in the soil. Finding wedding rings is not the most common occurrence when tending to your topsoil but this is exactly what Oklahoma resident, Eva McGrew, found when tending to her vegetable patch. According to the report in USA Today, she bent over and discovered that it was a gold wedding ring with a cluster of three small diamonds.

Wedding Rings – A Tragic Tale

The story of how the wedding ring came to be lost in the first place is a heart rending one and one that makes its discovery 34 years later all the more sentimental. According to the report in USA Today, Neal Hill lost his wife and infant son to a tornado in the Oklahoma town of Blanchard when it decimated their trailer but there was a happy ending to the story when Mr Neal was reunited with his wife’s wedding ring. At first, scepticism was evident for Mr Neal but looking at old photos of the pair’s wedding rings allowed him to ascertain that it did indeed belong to his wife. Speaking to USA Today, Mr Neal stated, “It feels like this is the final chapter. It's kind of a bittersweet experience. I was glad to get the wedding ring back but all the memories came rushing back.”