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Your Wedding Checklist

If you have recently been proposed to with one of our platinum engagement rings, you will probably be the happiest girl in the world, the butterflies will be whirling round your tummy and your mind will be going wild with what to do first and all the choices and options at your disposal.

The Platinum Ring Company aren’t just here make sure you get the best platinum engagement ring or platinum wedding ring, we want to help you throughout the whole wedding process and that’s why we have taken the time to identify a definitive list to help you plan your wedding day in manageable chunks, without getting too stressed out. After all, this is the happiest day of your life and we want to help you keep it that way!

There are things that need to be done straight away, things that need to be done a week before and things that need your attention as late as the day before - lets take it from the top and start with things that should be done as soon as possible.

1. Agree the major decisions - i.e. what sort of ceremony do you want, do you have a theme in mind, what is your colour scheme.

2. Agree a budget - this is important as the whole wedding hinges on this, running out of money or going over budget could take the happiness out of the whole process.

3. Setting up a dedicated bank account is a great way of monitoring costs.

4. Look at venues and agree one that you both love and that fits your budget and wedding style.

5. Wedding insurance is often overlooked but gives great peace of mind.

6. Get the church booked and the ceremony time and date with the minister or registrar.

7. Begin a wedding scrapbook or mood board - with notes, ideas and pictures to help give you a clear vision and reference point of what you really want your big day to represent. This will ensure you stay on track and you deliver the wedding you set out to deliver. For instance it’s important that your platinum engagement rings compliment your platinum wedding rings.

8. Begin to prepare your guest list.

9. Start looking for your wedding dress - try on lots of different styles, its surprising how much certain looks you hadn’t considered look great on.

10. Start looking for suppliers - i.e. photographer, florists, cake decorator, get quotes and go by recommendation.

11. Think about booking time off work for your wedding day and your honey moon.

12. Don’t forget how amazing you felt when he slipped one of our platinum engagement rings on to your finger and how it won’t be long until your platinum wedding rings will be exchanged, as you become husband and wife.