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How to: Ask her Dad for Permission

How to: Ask her Dad for Permission

When it comes too proposing, asking her dad for permission is essential. Of course, you can get down on one knee without confronting your future father-in-law, and no doubt you’ll still wed, but will he hold a grudge? Probably. Do you want to be the son-in-law that didn’t ask permission to have his precious daughter’s hand in marriage? We think not. Read on to discover how to pop the question to her father using modern day communications.


This may not be a modern day method, but asking in person never gets old - plus it shows you’re serious about taking care of his daughter for the rest of your life. It’s easy to hide your emotions behind a text message or email; you don’t have to watch his facial expression as you ask for permission, neither do you have to wait what feels like a lifetime for him to answer as you sit nervously opposite him. However, he’ll respect you more for having the courage to ask him face-to-face. Give her old man a call and ask if you can pop in to see him as you have something to ask. He’ll probably know what’s coming, but that's okay as it will give him time to think about what to say. If you are close friends with him, you may want to suggest going out to dinner, but since you’ll be a bag of nerves, it might be better to keep this visit short and sweet.

Over Email

If you can’t ask him in person, perhaps because you don’t live close enough, then an email is your next best bet. Yes it might seem thoughtless, but actually, it’s no different from a letter. Letters are thought to be romantic and an email is technically a web letter. Pour your heart out onto that page and let her dad how you feel about his daughter. A simple “Can I marry your daughter?” is not good enough. Why? You’ve got to make up for lost words here; words that would sound better in person (according to him). Wear your heart on your sleeve when writing an email to your future father-in-law and technology will work its magic.

Get Creative

We are in 2014 after all. If you fancy revealing your artistic side then why not create a photo album or online PowerPoint presentation that includes pictures of your parents and your girlfriend’s parents as happily married couples? On the last page of the album, or at the end of the PowerPoint, display a picture of you and his daughter along with a request for his permission to marry her. Alternatively, you could invite her dad to a sporting event for a day of one-to-one bonding. Just before the game begins, hand over a bat, club, or ball to your future father-in-law which you’ve personalised with your request for her hand in marriage. So, now you know how to ask permission to marry the girl of your dreams, it’s time for you to start looking at engagement rings. Check out our range and find a stunning platinum engagement ring that she won’t be able to say ‘no’ too.