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Remain cool: Avoid Being a Proposing Fool

Remain cool: Avoid Being a Proposing Fool

Ask anyone who has popped the question and they will tell you how nerve-wracking it was. And just like the millions before you, your stomach will be churning and your hands will be shaking! No matter how happy you are with the gorgeous platinum engagement ring, no matter how pleased you are with the romantic location, and despite the fact that you’re certain she will say yes, you still can’t shake those jitters! Well, fear not, we’re here to help with these top tips:

Plan, plan, plan

Don’t leave anything to chance: Make sure you have a clear plan in place. Knowing exactly where and how you’re going to propose will settle you somewhat, and considering all the finer details will help further. If you’re a particular worried then it may be worth having a backup plan too! Don’t plan too big if it’s going to make things worse for you. It’s no good planning to propose with a massive gesture if you know this is going to make you even more on edge – only go as big as you feel comfortable with. Keeping it simpler and on a smaller scale will give you less to fret over.

Rehearse it

You may feel a little daft at first, but rehearsing in front of the mirror can be a big help for such a situation. Practice exactly what you want to say (write it down to help with rehearsing if necessary) and you’re far less likely to be tongue tied when it is time to pop the question. Just make sure she’s not around when you’re rehearsing!

Focus on her and only her

No matter where you are or who is around, be sure to only focus on your lovely lady. Zone everyone else out and concentrate on her face – you’ll be surprised how much this can relax you. Before you know it, she will have said yes!

Keep smiling

Don’t forget to smile; smiling will help ease you and when she smiles back you’ll feel even more relaxed. If you look nervous and worried, you may give her the wrong impression.

Deep breaths

Deep breaths can make a huge difference when you are anxious. Breathe slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth several times to slow your heart rate and calm your nerves.

Think positive

A positive mental attitude can also be helpful for keeping your cool; think about how happy you’re both going to be afterwards, think about the look of joy on her face, and contemplate the wonderful life you both have ahead of you. Focusing of the positives of your future together, rather than worrying about the here and now or getting caught up on the jitters in your stomach, can be beneficial for bringing you back to the bigger picture and showing you how those few moments of nerves will all be worth it. Those are our top tips for remaining cool when you propose to the love of your life, but do you have any more? If you’ve recently proposed and you have some great advice for fiancés-to-be then head over to our Facebook page and leave a comment.